Charm collections you wouldn't want to miss

Glass Bead Charms

One of our newest additions - the beautifully designed glass beads. We are absolutely enchanted by the vibrant colours and intricate designs of the beads, that when combined and worn, seem to give off happy vibes. This collection came from Italy, and they are also called Murano Glass beads as they are created only on the island of Murano, within Venice, Italy. The mouth-blown and/or handcrafted pieces are attended to by master glassmakers using special techniques. Like fine champagne, unique Murano glass beads can only come from Murano. Paired with real 916 gold, the overall elegance and durability of the glass bead design is brought up a few notches. 

Enchanted Fairytale

Which girl doesn’t like fairytales? No matter how old we are, there will always be a part of us that still love the beautiful princesses or the fairytale happy endings. Even though real life might not be exactly like a fairytale for most people, you still can wear the adorable charms that remind you of happy fairytales! From the sparkling royal crowns to make you feel like a queen to the adorably tiny carriages, you can bring the fantasy fairytale out to be a small part of real life!

Forever Love 

We love the names of these charms, and love the designs even more! We are sure you will love them too! Simple yet endearing, these charms encapsulates the feelinggggg of love. Perfect for a gift to yourself, or a girlfriend, or a girl friend. One of our favourite has got to be the “Infinity and Beyond” Charm, where instead of the usual heart shape, it is an interesting design that has no start or end, thus perfectly fitting the words “infinity” and “forever”.

Wealth & Fortune

If you’re not entirely into the fairytale and lovey part of life, or if you’re looking for something more practical, we have that too! In the wealth and fortune collection, we have many fortune related symbols, from coin balls to dollar signs to all the different abacus designs, you will definitely find something you like!