All about the KEY Jewellery

What is a Key?

(noun) A small piece of shaped metal with incisions cut to fit the wards of a particular lock, which is inserted into a lock and turned to open or close it.

(adjective) of crucial importance.

18K White Gold Lucky Clover Key Pendant

What does a key symbolise?

A key opens locks. From a locked door to a treasure chest, and to even the metaphorical heart, keys let us into unknown worlds. Keys symbolise freedom, they open things up and lock precious things away. Keys can also symbolise love, they can symbolise possibility. 

916 Gold Dangling Pretty Key Charm

There are many different cultures where keys symbolise different things. In Eastern Europe keys were hung upside down over beds to ward off bad dreams. Several cultures have buried their dead with keys to unlock the afterlife. The ancient Greeks saw keys as symbols of knowledge. 

916 Gold Key of Elegance Two-Toned Pendant

What's a more meaningful or fitting gift to bestow on someone than jewellery in the shape of a key? There are numerous options to choose from - key pendant necklaces, bracelet charms and even personalised gold keys. It is a pathway, freedom, an expression of desire to open up the world. Or a way of making it clear to your loved ones who holds the key to your heart.

916 Gold Key to the Heart Pendant

What’s the significance of giving key jewellery for a 21st birthday?

In many cultures, the age of 21 represents a significant coming of age. A gold key pendant is a traditional present for anyone, male or female. It is believed that reaching 21 years old is a key milestone of life and that a person is officially an adult old enough to hold the “key to their own life” or “key to the future”. A piece of key jewellery also represents the start of the rest of their lives, the opening of many exciting doors to come. Keys are traditionally given to graduates as well. 

916 Gold Heart 21 Key Pendant

Key pendants can be equally appropriate presents for both romantic and none romantic occasions, celebrating family milestones or personal achievements. It is a wonderful gift for yourself to remind you to unlock your own potential too! Shop for a key pendant/charm for yourself or a loved one at Arthesdam Jewellery now! 

916 Gold Lock and Key Pendant