All About Charms

What is a Charm?

A charm is a small ornament attached to a bracelet. 

When and how did Charms come about?

It is hard, almost impossible to pinpoint when and how charms appeared. However, it is known that charms have been used as amulets or talismans to ward off bad luck and evil spirits since thousands of years ago. Locket charms were commonly carried by men in war to store a lock of their loved one’s hair or other trinkets. This served to keep their loved ones close to them in a way, as well as bring good luck to them.

It was also known that during the Roman Empire, Christians would keep fish charms with them to identify themselves to other Christians. A boost to the burst in popularity of charms comes from Queen Victoria’s fascination with charms. Apart from loving to wear charm bracelets herself, she also loved to gift charm bracelets. When her beloved Prince Albert died, she even made “mourning” chams. This further contributed to how charms were used for different significant events, occasions, or milestones.

Other events also competed and contributed to be part of charm’s history and how it became to be the fashion icon they are now. For example, in 1889, Tiffany & Co created their own version of a charm bracelet - a dainty chain with a dangling heart that has become the iconic symbol for Tiffany & Co today.

Throughout the years, more materials were introduced to the making of charms, including platinum, diamond, and even glass. 

Types of Charms

Dangle Charms

These are the most common charms that you see everywhere. These types of charms are also able to be worn as a pendant. Some bracelets may have these dangle charms that are fixed to the bracelets and cannot be removed. 


Spacer Charms 

These charms are non-dangling and typically smaller or thinner in size. They can be used to fill the gaps between two different-sized charms or two dangling charms. Some spacer charms can also look great on their own.

Glass Bead Charms

These glass charms have one of the best craftsmanship, where each charm is made with a special technique and hand-painted. These charms come in a wide range of colours and designs. 


Locket Charms

Locket charms are customisable charms that can also be worn with a bracelet or necklace chain. These charms allow the wearer to place items inside the charms which may be of significant importance to them.

Engraved Charms

These are another type of customisable charms. Words or even images can be engraved on the charms, either by hand or lasers. 


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