30 Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

  1. Fancy Candle - In her favourite scent to help destress after a long work day
  2. Tinted Lip Balm - To make her look pretty while nourishing her lips
  3. Matching Jewellery Set - To let her dress up on any occasions
  4. Pair of heels - To glam her up 
  5. Pair of sneakers - The ultimate footwear for any occasion
  6. Pair of running shoes - To encourage a healthier lifestyle
  7. Camera - To take down the moments worth capturing 
  8. Tumbler - To remind her to hydrate enough
  9. Cute Mug - For easy access to water at home or in office
  10. New Bag - Because a woman can never have too many bags
  11. Birthday Pyjamas Set - For her to feel special on her special day
  12. Smartwatch - One of the more practical gifts for a practical her
  13. Fancy Watch - The alternative if she doesn’t like a smart watch
  14. Yoga Mat - Once again, to encourage a healthier lifestyle
  15. Portable Speakers - For her to bring music with her anywhere she goes
  16. Fluffy Socks - Because they’re cute… and comfortable
  17. Bedroom Slippers - A pretty practical gift that some will love
  18. Sparkly Ring - With her favourite gemstone, a gift that won’t go wrong
  19. Book - For a girl who appreciate words and books 
  20. Jewellery Box - To store all her jewellery neatly
  21. Customised Keychain - Because anything customised shows effort
  22. Flowers - Cliché to some, but works for most girls
  23. Air Purifier - To cleanse the air she breathes
  24. Chocolates - Another cliché gift but a common gift that most people can accept
  25. Diffuser - To make her home or workplace smell nice
  26. Perfume - To make her smell nice
  27. Printed Photo in a Photo Frame - A beautiful gift that shows effort
  28. Customised Name Necklace - A special necklace for a special her
  29. A Staycation - For her to spend time with her loved ones
  30. Time - For time is the greatest gift ever that no money can buy