2021 Jewellery Trends: Spherical Beads and more

Collar necklaces

Very similar to chokers in looks, these jewellery pieces are not something new to the fashion scene. The upcoming trend applies not just to ladies, but men as well. The unique twist to a plain collar necklace is to layer two or more of them together, either in the same lengths or slightly differing lengths. 


Statement pendants

Chains with bold pendants is one common sight you’ll see in all the fashion runways for 2021. As much as we love the simple and classic pendants, this brings a refreshing change and adds an extra pop to any outfit. 

According to various sources, runways were filled with heavy metal jewelry pieces that were reminiscent of hardware, proving that next year, bigger may be better. 


Iridescent Pearls

Pearls have been a symbol of elegance and wealth for hundreds of years and in nearly every culture. Natural pearls are accidentally formed in the interior of a mollusc without human intervention. Funfact: Pearls are the only gemstones in the world that come from a living creature.

The surprise element for the trend this year lies in the styling of layered and mismatched pearls as seen on the runways. Following the rule “the more, the merrier” is how you’ll make your summertime pearls a full affair to remember. 

Link Chains Bangles

Looking through the collections for spring/ summer 2021, you would be able to spot that bangles were everywhere. From stacked bangles to matching pairs to the single statement pieces, the evidence has made it clear that bangles are back.

In particular, chunky link chains seem to be making a huge comeback. Models are seen making a bold statement by wearing the chunky link chains on their own or stacking them up for an even chunkier but chic look. In fact, the chunky link chains trend didn’t stop here! Linking back to the previous trend spotted, collared link chain necklaces were also spotted as well. 

Spherical Beads

This might be one of our favourite trend. In fact, this is already an ongoing trend which is looking to be brought forward to the next year. From meaningful gemstone beads to precious metal bead looking jewellery on chokers, earrings, bangles etc, the possibilities of the designs are practically endless. We shall let the photos speak for themselves…








Image credits (except our own product images):

Cosmopolitan / ImaxTree